Policies & Procedures

LEA_Gifted_FY15 Resource Manual MCSD Gifted Education Instructional Plan FY15

LEA_Gifted_FY15 Resource Manual

Students attending St. Elmo Gifted Education Center will abide by the Muscogee County School District Student Handbook.  This can be found in the student’s regular education school and on the MCSD Website.

Continuation Policy For Students in Gifted Education
Continuation requires that a student maintain satisfactory performance in the gifted education service offered and in regular education as noted by regular attendance, active participation, appropriate conduct and attitude for learning, completion of assignments, and acceptable academic achievement.  The regular classroom teacher and gifted education teacher share the responsibility of collaborating and communicating with each other concerning a student’s progress.  Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration and final decisions for continuation rest with the gifted education department and parents/guardian.

Concerns about Your Child’s Gifted Education
If you have concerns about your child’s gifted education (classwork, attendance, continuation in program, etc.), you should contact your child’s teacher at St. Elmo.  You may visit the Faculty/Staff page for your child’s teacher’s email address or you may call Mrs. Szentadorjany (the Administrative Assistant) at 706-748-3115 to leave a message for your child’s teacher.  We are happy to schedule conferences so you may meet one-on-one with your child’s teacher!

Excessive Number of Absences
Students who miss excessive, consecutive weeks of classes at St. Elmo will be withdrawn from the program.  Students are expected to be here, just as they are in the regular classroom.  If your child is withdrawn for having excessive absences, he/she will have to be re-evaluated to re-enter the program.