Goals and Standards


To enable the students to:

  • Develop a global awareness through collaborative learning in order to exchange ideas and communicate effectively.
  • Provide students with a state approved curriculum that will give them the opportunity to solve problems which will require higher level processes.
  • Encourage the students to acquire self-directed cognitive skills through research and investigation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of self and others in a diverse society.
  • To provide all educators ongoing professional learning necessary for the successful education, mentoring and leadership of gifted learners.
  • Increase in collaboration and communications for all stakeholders to provide aligned services and instruction that will meet the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of gifted and talented students.

The instruction offered will be in the form of a gifted education resource class and/or cluster groups at the elementary level whereas the middle school and high schools will incorporate pre-advanced, honors, advanced placement and IB programs to ensure rigor and continued student engagement.

Gifted Goals

Gifted students will develop advanced research skills and methods. Curriculum for gifted students should allow for the in-depth learning of self-selected topics within the area of study.

Gifted students will develop and practice creative thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a variety of complex topics within the area of study.

Gifted students will develop and practice critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills in the pertinent academic areas.

Gifted students will develop advanced communication skills.  Curriculum for gifted students should encourage the use of new techniques, materials, and formats in the development of products that will be shared with real audiences.

Gifted students will develop an understanding of self and how their unique characteristics may influence interactions with others.



We follow the CCGPS – Common Core Georgia Performance Standards