Q-How can my child be tested for St. Elmo or Hannan?
Please look at the eligibility and characteristics link for information.  No child can be assessed without a parent permission form.

Q-What type of curriculum is offered at the St. Elmo Gifted Education Center?
The teachers create curriculum that is based on the Georgia Performance Standards and Common Core Standards incorporating the gifted goals. Academic curriculum is enriched with higher level work that offers rigor and relevance.  The school also offers afternoon enrichment of art, music appreciation, NASA Space Center activities, French, Environmental Science, Junior Great Books, and the Stock Market Game and much more!! These enrichment activities change from year to year.

Q-Is the school year the same as the regular schools?
The year is slightly different from the regular school schedule.  We typically start the first FULL week of school to allow transition time into a new grade level with a new teacher.  We do not typically have students on the very last day of school.  Please note: Students will not attend St. Elmo during any county wide testing days.

Q-Can I bring my child to the school?
Yes, but we highly recommend that the children ride the bus from their home school. Parents who do bring their children should bring them to the front hall after 8:20 and allow the student to go to class unattended so the teacher can concentrate on all the children in the classroom as the day begins.

Q- Can I eat lunch with my child?
A- Yes, we are happy to have parents, grandparents, etc. eat with the children.  Please remember, always check in at the office upon your arrival.  We encourage you to sit with your child’s class so you can get to know the students from around the county.  We also ask that if you bring lunch for you and your child, that it be in a brown sack or lunch box.  You are also more than welcome to purchase a lunch in our cafeteria!!  We do want you to visit, but this would not be a time to discuss your student with the teacher. Conference time can be set up through the main office.

Q- How do lunch accounts work at St. Elmo?
The lunch accounts are linked.  Whatever money is in your child’s home school account will pay for lunch at St. Elmo.  You do not need to send money to St. Elmo, but please make sure you keep your child’s home school account funded. Columbus High School provides the lunches each day.  They generally follow the high school lunch menu.

Q- What if my child takes medication?
Just like at their home school, a form needs to be filled out and the medicine brought in the original prescription bottle.  We have Mrs. Kimberly Crumbs in our clinic for half a day each day of the week handling medical needs.

Q- What if my child has an inhaler?
Just like at their home school, a form needs to be filled out and the medicine brought in the original prescription package.  Your child may leave the inhaler with Mrs. Crumbs in the clinic or your child may bring it each week.  We would appreciate having an inhaler on hand if your child has asthma.

Q- Does my child have to make up work missed while at St. Elmo?
A- The Muscogee County School District Parent-Teacher-Student handbook states “students do not make up missed work or homework assigned on the day they attend gifted education classes.  They do make up tests.  A student can be required to make up a specific assignment if the teacher feels the student has not mastered the skill or concept covered by the assignment.”  Please talk with your home school teacher if you have any concerns or call Mrs. Cash at 706-748-3115.

Q- Does my child have to attend each week?
A- Students are expected to attend their gifted classes each week.  The GaDOE Gifted Education Department states that students are required to receive five (5) hours of gifted education services each week.  Please talk with your child’s home school faculty and staff about your child needing to attend each week.

Q- What if my child performs poorly in school?
A- Satisfactory performance in both regular education and gifted education classes is required for continuation in the gifted program.  A probationary period shall be provided for students who need this service.

Q-Do the students receive report cards?
Yes they do.  The students will receive a report card each nine weeks. The report cards are standards based on the Gifted Goals.