Our lunches are prepared by Columbus High School.  They follow the High School menu.  Please visit the Muscogee County Home Page, click on Menus, then open the HS Menu for the current month.

Please be advised, however, that they don’t always bring what is on the menu.  We tell our children if they are going to choose hot lunch, they must be willing to eat ANY hot lunch that is brought that day.

Students have a choice of a hot lunch plate, a salad (ham, turkey, or chicken), and a sandwich plate.

lunchscheduleClick image to enlarge.

  • Student lunches cost $2.10, unless they are on free/reduced lunch rate.
  • Adult lunches (Visitors) cost $4.55.
  • Adult lunches (MCSD Employees) cost$3.05.

Students do not need to bring lunch money to St. Elmo.  The St. Elmo cafeteria staff is able to deduct from your child’s home school lunch account.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not have a microwave for student use.  It takes a lot of time to warm students’ lunches, especially is there is more than one during the day.  If you are sending your child’s lunch from home, please make sure that it does not need heating.

We would also like to remind parents that it is against MCSD Policy that outside (fast food) and checking a student out for lunch is not allowed.  If you must bring an outside lunch, please put it in a paper sack or lunch box.  We have a wonderful cafeteria serving delicious lunches.  We invite you to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria and enjoy it with your child!